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TM Farming Guides for MEmu

Welcome to the Legacy MEmu TM Farming Macro Page

On this page you will find detailed setup videos for MEmu and Refill and No-Refill Type TM Farming Macros. Follow the instructions closely and do not skip any steps.

If you already have MEmu setup you can find the macro links below the setup video

THESE WILL ONLY WORK WITH Older MEmu Ver.5 and Under

If you are using a newer version of MEmu, please click here


  • Go to https://www.memuplay.com and download MEmu App Player
  • Install using default settings
  • Enable Virtualization in your BiOS for better performance and stability *recommended
  • Open MEmuConsole.exe
  • Once loaded, Go to Options (the little gear icon in the toolbar) to set your resolution using your preferred resolution settings
  • To Make/Copy a script, click the mouse icon in the toolbar to bring up the Macro Recorder feature
  • Press the record button, click the screen 2x, then click stop. You will now see something that says "My Script1"
  • Close MEmu app player for the next step
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu and right-click on the folder named "scripts" and select "Properties"
  • Go to the security tab, under "Group or user names" hit "Edit.."
  • Highlight "Users(xxxx-PC\User)" and "Allow" Full Control or Modify
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmu\scripts and look for a file that looks like eg. 20170402210716.mir , that is "My Script1" you recorded earlier
  • Open the file with a text editor, delete everything, then copy and paste all the contents of the pastebin file (Found below the video) you're using
  • Save it and it is ready to use, go to the proper content (ES-Entrance for TM Farming) press the play button next to your script
  • Place your FFBE app using the icon placement guide, be sure to delete any unused icons or use a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher


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Please Select the Tab for your preferred Resolution. Make sure to set the proper Width, Height & DPI in according to the Picture in the tab for your preferred resolution below. If you are using a laptop or older PC, consider using the 480x854 version. It uses less resources and will be more stable on low end machines.

  • 1280x720
  • 720x1280
  • 480x854


Refills?  Pastebin Link   Runtime  Settings
Slow Click YES CLICK HERE  39 Seconds  Can Use Acceleration
w/o Refills NO CLICK HERE  41 Seconds SETTINGS
 w/o Refills+Timer NO CLICK HERE  5 Minutes SETTINGS

*runtimes were calculated before update 2.1.0

WARNING DO NOT USE ACCELERATION, SET AT 1X ONLY *unless otherwise specified


  • If you want to run your NRG down to ZERO as fast as possible but not do a refill, you can use acceleration with the "No-Refill" version for faster runs, but the run counter feature will not work.
  • I recommend using a custom launcher (Nova Launcher) instead of the stock Launcher. Nova Launcher allows for a completely custom HOME SCREEN
  • If the click speed in the "TM Refills" version is too fast and causes lag , Try the "SLOW CLICK" version instead