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iOS Switch Control

TM Farming Solutions for iPad & iPhone

Welcome to the iOS Switch Control Page

This Method will work for either iPhone or iPad and will

  • Do Earth Shrine Runs in under 50sec
  • Deny Friend Requests
  • Deal with Connection Errors
  • Deal with Bad Friend Errors
  • Bypass Daily Mission Screen
  • Refill NRG with Lapis (if using refill method)

For those who don't know and are hearing about Switch Controls for the first time, it is a Semi-Automatic Macro built into iOS. You can only use 5 touch points so its very limited in what it can do. But you can effectively farm TM if you follow my method. Ill be covering two different styles, Lapis Refill and No Refill. Lets get started!

Setting up Switch Controls in iOS

From Your iOS Settings Menu press "GENERAL" then "ACCESSIBILITY", then select "SWITCH CONTROLS", this will bring you to the switch controls menu. From here you want to tap on "RECIPES" then "CREATE NEW RECIPE". Select "ASSIGN A SWITCH", then "FULL SCREEN" and finally "CUSTOM GESTURE". This is were we record our touch procedure.

Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Switch Controls-> Recipes-> Create New Recipe-> ->Assign a Switch->Full Screen-> Custom Gesture--> Record 

Before you start you will need the following:

  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors
  • Red Marker
  • Touchscreen Stylus *optional

You will need to mark the touch points directly on your screen. To do this cut small pieces of scotch tape and put them in the specific touch locations and mark the exact spot with a red dot. You have to be precise, the touch spots are setup in such a way that if your off by a few pixels it will not hit all the buttons, or will get stuck. I strongly suggest you use a stylus for the setup. There is a small margin of error for it too run correctly. Try to get the touches as close to the specified locations below as possible.


To setup our switch controls we are going to need to mark our touch spots on the screen so you know where to tap when recording your macro.

Please mark your screen at the specific spots you see in the photos below. There are 4 spots in total for the lapis refill version, you only need to mark the first 3 if you don't want refills

WARNING Please mark your dots at the correct screens you see in the photos below. DO NOT TRY TO GUESS WHERE THEY GO IT WILL NOT WORK!! You can download these photos and use them for setup if your are using an ipad mini 2/3/4 or iPhone 5/SE

Click The Pictures for your Model below and mark the dots onto your screen



iPhone Touch 1

iPhone Touch 2

iPhone Touch 3

iPhone Touch 4

*refill version only



iPad Touch 1

iPad Touch 2

iPad Touch 3

iPad Touch 4

*refill version only

Your screen should look something like this when your finished marking your dots -> EXAMPLE PHOTO

Once you have marked your dots on your screen go to your switch controls record screen, hit RECORD you can hit "hide controls" if its in the way" then touch in the following sequence:

NO REFILLS : 1 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 1 

LAPIS REFRESH : 1 - 2 - 4 - 4 - 3

It may take a few trys to get it right, try to get your touches perfectly centered over your red dots.

Save your recipe and load it under "Launch Recipe" in the Recipe Menu. Go to earth shrine. To activate switch controls click the home button x3 and start tapping the middle of the screen to activate your script. Be sure to test it thoroughly before leaving it unattended.

Make sure none of your spots hit your espers etc. on the DEPART SCREEN   iPad     iPhone

Make sure Touch 1 does not hit your companion unit on the BATTLE SCREEN  iPad  iPhone


  • You have to set a switch first before you can record a gesture. Use Fullscreen --> Tap if you dont already have one setup
  • Load your recording using "Launch Recipe" under recipes in switch controls
  • If its your first time setting it up, you may get a pop-up when you activate your recipe. To get around this, un-load your recipe and activate switch controls with no recipe active to be able to bypass the pop-up. Dont forget to re-load your recipe.
  • You have to activate it by tapping the center of the screen after you activate switch controls, it takes approx. 12-15 screen touches to do one run of "No Refills" and 18-20 for "Lapis Refresh", you will have to tap hundreds of times to get it to run for more then an hour or so
  • Use more then one finger to do your activation taps, just make sure only one finger hits the screen at a time or it will only count as one tap. Try different methods, find what works best for you
  • If you did the recording right, the spots shown will be directly under your red dots.
  • If your getting stuck because its hitting espers, you will have to re-record. Try using a stylus if your having trouble lining up your taps perfect.
  • Make sure you get the points as exact as possible. If your off by a small amount you can end up getting stuck somewhere or miss hitting buttons
  • If you end up in ES-Exit on the refill version after friend request denys, try recording the procedure a bit faster and it will do es-entrance runs everytime after a friend request.
  • You can achieve faster runs by pressing the inputs faster when recording. Keep in mind that the faster you touch the more times you will have to activate it to get it too run for a specific time.
  • Make sure you equip basic weapons to your attacking units (units 2/3/4 for iPad or units 1/3 for iPhone)
  • The Refill Version will do a mix of ES-Entrance and ES-Exit. It will be slightly slower because of this. To run down your nrg to zero faster, use the no-refill method. It will only do ES-Entrance.
  • If using lapis refill version, for extra safety, ensure iAP are password protected
  • To minimize crashing, do not use HD graphics
  • To Stop Switch Controls, Go to your LOCK SCREEN and tap the home button 3x

Want to farm explorations using switch controls??  Click Here

Here is a link to my reddit page with macro solutions for iOS Switch Control Tutorial. If you have any questions leave a message on my reddit page.