FFBE Macro.com Macros for FF:BraveExvius



  • If the click speed is too fast in TM Refills, Use the "SLOW CLICK" version instead, you can use acceleration in the slow click version to select your desired speed
  • Check you copy/pasted your script properly, either chose the "RAW" option on the pastebin website or "DOWNLOAD" and copy/paste it. Make sure you start with a blank script.
  • If the script appears to do nothing after you press "play", change your resolution to "CUSTOM" and use the settings in the pictures next to the script you are using. If your using a 1280 x 720 script with you resolution set to 720 x 1280 it will not work.
  • Make sure you have "ACCELERATION" set to 1x, unless otherwise specified
  • If your experiencing black bars at the top and bottom in 720x1280 go into "Interface Options" and make sure "Remember Size and Position" is ON. These black bars are normal in the 480x854 version
  • If you are being interrupted by screensavers (DayDreams), Turn "DayDream" Settings "OFF"
  • If your experiencing issues with crashing, Update to the newest version of your emulator (NOX also "Re-Download Data" from the Title Page in the FFBE app and/or clear cache (From Homescreen, go to Settings/Storage/Cached Data/Clear Cache)
  • If your having issues with performance, it is highly recommended to enable "VIRTUALIZATION" within your PC's BIOS Settings
  • Make sure UNITS 1/2/3 can 1-shot ES mobs or you might get stuck in battle. ATK value must be above 60 for each unit on the left hand side.
  • If it is not operating properly (eg. Hitting Repeat, Hitting your companion unit, Missing Buttons) stop using it and PM me immediately
  • If your having crashing/performance issues, try the 480x854 Version, it uses much less resources because it runs at a lower screen resolution (its faster too!)


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